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Established in 2005 and founded by Ben Dozier, Root Design Company's humble offices in downtown Austin and now in the historic Metropolitan Hotel in Pagosa Springs Colorado, begins a journey from the conference room couch to forged friendships and trusted experiences. Practicing in these extremes pushes honest, simple approaches and our craftsmen know the value of a sketch, that is, not knowing quite what your about when you begin. Root provides an experience for the client embracing conceptual design through orchestrated construction and ongoing maintenance services; achieving beautifully built crafts, custom furnishings and timeless events.

Edit. This term has become one of the firm’s guiding principles in that we refine spaces envisioned by our client’s collective imagination by anchoring them in the practice of architectural integrity and historical significance while operating sensibly beneath the environmental canopy.

in-ten-tion-al: (in-ten-shuh-nl) done with purpose; intended

con-scious: (kon-shuh s) aware of one's existence, thoughts and surroundings

right: (rahyt) in accordance with what is good, proper and just